Latest Update:

Sep 24, 2015:

Rulebook version 2.2 has been uploaded. Just a couple of additional touch-ups.

Sep 27, 2013:

Rulebook version 2.1 has been uploaded. Just a few touch-ups and a bit of corrected wording. Thank you to BGG-vonklaude for pointing out a couple of rules which could benefit from better wording.

Apr 25, 2009:

Rulebook version 2.0 has been uploaded. The new rulebook has no house rules incorporated. All house rules have been removed to a separate section at the end of the document. Also, faction powers and the [applicable] original Q&A has been added back in.

Aug 03, 2008:

It has come to my attention that there was a discrepency between the '79 and '84 player aid pads that required a correction to mine. The Fremen Karama ability has now been corrected.

Jun 19, 2008:

Rulebook ver. 1.5 has been posted. The only change is that alliances with 3 or more players are now prohibited.

I had let this slide in the early editions, but recent experience has led me to feel much stronger about the issue, and I am now firmly convinced that 3+ player alliances are totally unacceptable.

Mar 29, 2008:

Rulebook ver. 1.4 has been updated to include some recent rule clarifications that have come to light.

Due to the fact that the original designers were in support of the Fremen use of Ornithopters after riding a worm into Carthag or Arakeen (which goes along with the most literal and clear meaning of the original rulebook), we have made adjustments to the Ornithopter rules in general. Please read them carefully if moving from v1.3 to v1.4.

The rules have been clarified regarding the Fremen use of the Guild character advantage (shipping).


Rules, Errata, Clarifications
and Other Resources

Following are the rules which are used by my group, as well as all of the errata that I could possibly dig up. The ruleset represents the most accurate and true to original design intent that I could possibly generate. We play the most 'pure' game possible, avoiding variants, expansions and house rules like the plague.

A few comments about my ruleset

As anyone who is familiar with the game knows, the original rules leave something to be desired (although they are not nearly so bad as some claim). The rulebook posted here is simply the basic rulebook with the language "cleaned up" to close loopholes and make the rules much more clear. Every effort has been made to stick to the intent of the original designers, which was much easier thanks to a couple of extensive Q&A files from Jack Kittredge and Peter Olotka (both original designers) that I found posted on the Dune Boardgame Yahoo Group.

The three original designers were responsible for only the Basic Game. They designed neither the Optional rules nor the Advanced rules. My group plays with all of the Optional rules but one, and none of the Advanced rules.

Optional Rules: There are 5 Optional Rules - Additional Character Advantages, Weather, Special Karama Powers, Longer Game and Increased Spice Flow. The rule that we don't play with is the Longer Game rule (rule XVIII). The last thing that Dune needs is something to make it take longer than it already does! Each of the other rules I will address in turn...

Advanced Rules: There are 2 Optional Rules - Spice Blow and Advanced Combat. I'll address these in reverse order...

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Clarified Rulebook

The Dune rulebook with clarified language, integrated Optional rules and as much Q&A as can be reflected in the original format.

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Player Aid Sheet

Slightly modified. Wording has been cleared up to bring it into line with known errata and it has been formatted to allow two forms to be printed per sheet. Optional rules have been integrated.
(To play without the optional rules simply ignore the "B" portion of the Karama card description and the additional character advantages)

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Q&A - Updated 07 April 2008

Unfortunately, I found some errors in the first one that I posted, so if you have a copy dated earlier than April 07, please trash it and download the corrected version.

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Original Rulebook

The original Dune rulebook (complete with errors and vagaries) for archival purposes and those who differ from my Dune philosophy.

Q&A answered by Jack Kittredge

Q&A answered by Peter Olotka: Original file, Formatted file