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Apr 28, 2009:

I accept submissions to this site. Have an idea for an article? Let me know, and I may be interested in publishing it.

Our first guest article comes from Mr. Laurence Bernstein. Give it a read!

Apr 14, 2008:

This page is going to be a catch-all area for anything related to the Dune boardgame that I find interesting or worthy of documentation, including my own random thoughts.


Mar 26, 2008:
Harkonnen Domination
The Harkonnen war machine, led by Bryant Forsgren, beat the Atreides into the sand in the harshest possible fashion. With the Atreides removed and little resistence from the Fremen, only the Emperor stood in their way. After three turns of glorious battle, the Emperor fell and the Harkonnen took the day.


Dune Articles

I'm in the process of writing a number or articles about Dune. Some of them have been completed and are in the process of being formatted for the site.

The final format for this page hasn't been worked out, but here are a couple of articles to get things started.

Kingmaking in Dune

Harkonnen Strategy
Fremen Strategy
Emperor Strategy
Bene Gesserit Strategy
Guild Strategy
Atreides Strategy

Harkonnen Strategy - revisited by Laurence Bernstein