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Sep 27, 2013:

On Website Again
After a 3 year hiatus, I'm back.
My appologies to those who have messaged me, receiving only silence in return. I will be responding to each and every one of you, no matter how long it has been. Now that I am actually back, please feel free to drop me a line!
I will get back to you.

Shai-Hulud Calls!

Next FtF Game:

The next target
dates are:

In the process of puting together training sessions for new players.

Last Game:

We last played on
19 June 2010

Next Online Game:

The next target date is Unlikely

I neither have time nor any real interest in running another online game, and I have less than no interest in playing in one. So probably no online games forthcoming (but I guess one never really knows).

If you are interested in joining either our local group (San Diego) or playing in an online game of Dune, simply click here to contact me.

Of all of the games in my not-inconsiderable collection, Dune stands alone. Printed in 1979, this fine board game has stood the test of time. Dune still has a large and dedicated following and continues to command high prices on the second-hand market (i.e., eBay).

This page exists both to document the Dune exploits of my gaming group and to provide information about the boardgame to the world at large.

Hi folks, I'm back...     again...

Three more years gone with no Dune. Looks like things are getting more stable now and there might actually be some Dune sessions on the horizon. I've cleaned out the guestbook - again. Thank you to everyone who has posted and I'm sorry if one of your posts got cut away with the cancer.


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